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Dougles Chan

Teacher Dougles specialised in teaching individual on how start and run a profitable business with the least investment. Started to do business since 15 years old dealing with international mail order business, subsequently started over 10 business and run and managed more than 10 companies as CEO, MD and GM of different industry in Asia.

30 Years in Business

With over 30 years in doing business, he had started private mentoring, teaching and guiding new and existing business owners to had a better edge in making more money with the least resources.

Teaching SME

Presently, Dougles is Teaching SME, business owners, entrepreneurs by sharing his knowledge, expertise with 30 years of business experiences.

An expert in branding, digital marketing and lead generation, Dougles is one of the top gun in generating clients across many industries. Many top businessman in Asia, Europe and North America had wanted to get his to help them in their marketing of their business but only a few handful  were successful and has the privilege to work with him.

Author of 5 books

He has authored 5 books related to business, recruitment and career and another one book related to his life story. Most of the books can be downloaded in the resource area.

He believes that with personalised teaching, the student will excel and generate the best benefits from his knowledge, expertise and vast experience. To hire Dougles to be your business success teacher please send and enquiry form below. Alternatively you can connect with him at Facebook or Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram.