Data Recovery Tools – The 4 Main Options

As our computer systems grow and our Internet connections remain constant, there are more and more reasons to need data recovery tools all the time. New viruses, complicated hard drive systems and hard backup solutions all increase the chance of losing the files we save on our computer systems. With the changes in the world of saved data, the data recovery tools have also changed and at times not for the better. Let us take a look at the utilities available for file recovery. read more

SAP IT Infrastructure Management now integrated in SAP Solution Manager 7.1


Dr. Matthias Melich, Product Manager for the SAP Solution Manager application management solution at SAP, and Manfred Hofmann, Managing Director at RealTech Software Products, present the new SAP IT Infrastructure Management solution, which is seamlessly integrated SAP Solution Manager 7.1. SAP IT Infrastructure Management helps you quickly discover all network assets, continuously monitor asset data, and drive an integrated infrastructure and application lifecycle process. read more

Create a Data Recovery Disk

With the latest computers, you have the option of creating a data recovery disk. This is an important disk, since this will enable you to recreate the original Operating System and whatever was in your computer in the event that you run into a problem. It is possible to get at the information that is copied onto a hidden partition in your computer. This information was put there for the owner to have a copy of the Operating System. read more