Today we visit Divisoria, one of my favourite market places in the Philippines. You can find all sorts of things! Check out how awesome this place is for shopping and why we come back time and time again! Vlog #205

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36 thoughts on “WHY ASIAN MARKETS ROCK (DIVISORIA)! | Vlog #205

  1. I never realized how much I missed home til I watched this video πŸ˜₯. U guys brought back my old bargain memories πŸ˜‚. Nothing beats Divi. Keep it up guys! Watching u fr TO

  2. Joseph's hair is not dyed in brown. kids hair go lighter especially when they're malnourished. some street children you see have blonde hairs already because they are malnourished.

  3. I enjoy going to Divisoria with my mom. She got me 3 different colors of barong tagalog for a very low price and everytime I wear them on events here in the US I get nice compliments. My best bargaining skill is letting my mom do the tawad. β˜†β™‘β˜†

  4. Hahahahaha! I thought it could not get any funnier when I saw the thumbnail. I was cracking up even more when you and RJ were trying on different wigs. RJ with the straight long black wig, you will do a great rock star in a parody. LOL!
    That is so nice of you Mikey to support in your own way the small local vendors. πŸ™‚ Bless your kind heart. )

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