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TAINAN, TAIWAN — In Taiwan, police arrested seven men for brawling just behind an elementary school.

The two key players were Mr. Wu, age 29, and Mr. Tong, age 38. The two men had been arguing over Mr. Tong’s former girlfriend, who happened to be Mr. Wu’s current girlfriend. The two decided they’d meet up behind the elementary school for an old fashioned Western showdown.

Mr. Wu brought one friend, who remained behind the wheel of the white car parked on the right of the screen. Mr. Wu and Mr. Tong confront each other.

At a certain point Mr. Wu whips out a gun he brought to the fight and fires a shot into the air. Mr. Tong wrestles the gun from Mr. Wu and Mr. Wu makes a bolt for his friend’s car.

Mr. Tong actually doesn’t even attempt to use the gun, tucking into the back of his pants. He then goes over to the car and yanks Mr. Wu out of the car and resumes beating him.

Mr. Wu’s friend attempts to come to the rescue and steps on the gas. Unfortunately, Mr. Wu’s friend ran him over and missed all of his attackers. The driver then backs his car up and drives over Mr. Wu again.

Then Mr. Tong steps up to the plate again and gives Mr. Wu his gun back by throwing it into his face and then again into his chest.

Mr. Wu’s friend tries to save him one more time, but only succeeds in running Mr. Wu over a third time before crashing into two cars.

Mr. Wu was rushed to hospital, he has an impressive collection of broken bones, but is in stable condition.

Mr. Wu brought a gun, a car, and an idiot friend to a fight and still managed to lose. With friends like that Mr. Wu doesn’t really need enemies.


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34 thoughts on “Street fight video: Idiot runs over his friend with a car three times during a fight – TomoNews

  1. taiwan again? fucking knock this shit off! next time i see a taiwan story on TOMONEWS US, ill down vote it. keep doing that tomogirl shit too and ill unsubscribe from you asshole troll dickhead shits! im tired of this damn channel! cut it out dumbass

  2. The little fuck wanted to fight… lost… then was run over by the pussy who couldn't understand that in order to hit the guy, he had to plow over his friend. Let the guy take a beating next time shitty friend.

  3. Aight. I'm a baaaaaaaad man. I was laughing my ass off. 3 times? 3 times? 3 times? With friends like that, I'd hate to see what Mr. Tong would do to Mr. Wu from behind the wheel.

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