20 Strategies to Ultimate Success for Recruitment Agencies

One of the major problems for recruiters is that many of them are having a hard time generating enough clients for themselves, and without enough clients, most of them will not be able to hit the KPI set by the company they are working with. Many of them are being told to call potential clients and solicit for clients. The major problem is by using this traditional method, you will be fighting with at least 20-50 potential competitors in the same industry EVERYDAY. How do you imagine the potential client will feel, having 20-50 calls from recruiters every single working day! Not good is it? My point is that most of the time, you will be unlikely to generate good clients via the phone.

In this modern era, you will need to really make a difference to generate clients, and not just “push” to get new clients. You will also need to use the “pull” factors to attract clients for yourself. By using the “pull” factor, not only will you do less work, but you will also be able to attract new clients, and they will be the ones wanting to do business with you instead of you begging for their business.

Here’s what you need to do to generate more clients AUTOMATICALLY:

Be Popular– You will need to let the public know of your existence, with the standard requirements of being involved in social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media. You will also need to have your own blog and write articles about your specialised field. By having a blog, you will be able to interact with more people and will be perceived to be more knowledgeable. One thing you need to remember is that if you are using a blog, you must NEVER use a free blog service—you should be using your own domain name, such as the one I have at http://www.dougleschan.com instead of a WordPress or Blogspot. The reason is very simple – It is all about branding.

Create Your Own Brand – Whether you are working for others or working for yourself, as a recruiter, you will need to really position yourself to be that special one and brand yourself so that people will be willing to give you their business. Some of the things you need to have and do to create a good brand include:

a)      Create your own URL that is memorable.

b)      Have your own logo.

c)      Create a tag line for yourself, such as “The Oily Recruiter” or “ The Hunter that Never Sleeps.” Apparently you can create many different tag lines, but most important, it must be simple and relevant to what you are doing.

d)     Have an impressive website; ensure you put this as your priority and let the professional web designer do the job. If you are not into web design, please do not do it yourself (DIY); trying to save a few dollars will ruin your branding and image.

e)      Write articles at least once a week.

f)       Have a great business card.

g)      Link your entire social network to your website.

h)      Interact frequently with your network.

Be Specialised in Your Own Industry – Many recruiters fail to realise that when they are not specialised in a specific industry, they are actually competing with many more thousands of recruiters out there, and as such, their chances of generating more clients will be far less than if you are to specialise in one or two industries. Let’s look it from another direction, if you are having a tooth ache that is bugging you, do you go to a specialist, or to your local doctor that treats every illness? Obvious isn’t it? It is the same in the recruitment industry.

Make Google Your Friend – Many people use Google. Correction, most people use Google. Hence, if you are not into it yet, perhaps you need to take a good look on how it can really benefit you. Some of the functions you can use are the following:

a)      Google News – You can submit your blog articles and news to Google news. In the event it is picked up by them, your website will be potentially filled with plenty of traffic and even clients.

b)      Search Engine Optimisation – This will be the killer. If you are actively pushing your website to the search engine with original and great articles, your web page will be listed in the search engine, and if it is very popular, then it can be even on the first page and it can generate tons of potential clients. On my website, there are thousands of people visiting it and at least 80% of them comes from Google Search Engine itself!

c)      Google Adwords – This is a simple advertisement platform available for you to post advertisements about your services. The advantage of this is that it is based on pay-per-click, hence you will only pay only when people click on it. This can be costly in the long term if you are not careful, but it can also generate good clients if you know your game in this.

Give Free Public Talks – Regardless of which industry you are specialised in, you will be able to give free talks on specific topics that will interest the potential clients. Pick a topic that you think the potential clients will be interested in and invite them to the talks or workshops. This way, you will build trust and credentials, especially those potential clients do not know who you are. The chances are that you will be able to get a few good clients with this approach.

I hope that these strategies will help you to secure more clients. Cheers!


What to get more clients for your recruitment agency? Here are some practical tips that really works.

I have compiled 6 proven ways to get new clients for recruitment agency, all of them had been used and tested during my many years of advising clients and training recruitment consultants.

Here goes….

1) Cold Calling – obvious this is what everyone knows but to do this effectively you will need to identify a weakness in the clients profile and company so that you know what do they really need. If you were to call them without being well prepared, you will definitely get a NO for an answer. Do not ask whether they have any recruitment need, do not tell them you will send them your profile, it just does not work that way.

When I posted any advertisement, I received at least 10 calls everyday from recruitment agency, all of them do not last more than 30 seconds and I said NO to them. Question is, what makes you so special that the other party is willing to talk to you for over 2 minutes? Find the answer and you will solve the puzzle.

2) Use Twitter – If you have yet to venture into twitter, it is a totally untapped market and you will be surprised how you can add friends and communicate with potential clients using twitter itself. I get to know many friends and in turn many of them become my clients because we have something similar (We used Twitter) somehow there is a certain bond when 2 twitter friends send direct message to each other. You can always use the free twitter software Tweetdeck and manage your twitter account from your desktop without logging in and out of Twitter. You can also use a automated twitter software to manage further with multiple accounts so that you can expand your network much faster than a normal twitter follower.

3) Use Linkedin – Well the concept is the same as above when you get connected with people, the difference is that it gets one level higher because most BIG clients will come from Linkedin as it is a social network where the BIG boys LINK together. Join Linkedin today and build your profile and join as many group as possible where you think you want to penetrate. You will not go wrong from joining Linkedin.

4) Using Email Marketing – Ha!! This is my favourite because I have used this over 20 years and it is still working, many people in the internet said it is dead….yes it is truth, because they use it the wrong way, they keep promoting their products and services and bombard the list with offers after offers….the email user will feel offended and turn nasty. There is a way where you can use email marketing to your advantage, check out my other article on 7 Solid Email Marketing Tips.

5) Trade shows and exhibitions – Yes, it will be a great place to build your network because these are where all the companies that are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to exhibits their products and services. Go to any trade show that have more than 100 exhibitors and spend the time to throw in your business card in every booth, collect all the business cards in EVERY booth and talk to the people in the exhibition. It may be tiring to do it but it is worth the while.

6) PPR which stands for Pay-Per-Referral, it is a method that I have taught the new recruitment agency owner to use when they are low in budget and does not have much manpower to do the marketing. What it does it that you connect to those people who like to do freelance or part-timer who would like to work at their own pace and offer them a deal like if they were to refer a client, you will reward them with a certain introduction fee. Also you can also pay them a successful fee if there is a deal close from their referral. You can have either one of it or combined them as a package. Trust me, there are thousands of people out there would LOVE to be your referral, as long as you pay well and on time. I have build thousands of such freelancers and they have helped my recruitment business leaping from ZERO to Quarter Million sales in less than 3-6 months.


Many recruitment companies, regardless of whether in Singapore or anywhere in the world, face the same problem: they are not able to generate enough business and sales to break-even or even make money. As such, many of these recruitment companies are not able to survive and eventually have to close down and either work for another company or switch to another industry.

Many agencies clients ask me the same question again and again on “How to Sell Better and Faster,” and it seems that this is a very BIG problem in many agencies. Even the bigger players who already have a brand and presence are feeling the heat of selling and closing cases!

Basically, the rules are very simple: do the following steps, repeat the cycle, and you will be able to sell better and faster!

Singapore Headhunter – The 7 Factors You Need to Be Successful

Becoming a Singapore headhunter in Singapore is fairly easy, as long as you have you necessary qualification, a fairly good communication skill, there will be many existing headhunting company willing to hire you. There is always headcount available for most headhunting companies as this is considered a “Sales” role, which means that you are like a Salesmen serving two types of clients: The companies and the candidates.

Interestingly the lifespan of most of the headhunters in Singapore to stay in one company is usually quite short, a range from 3 months to 8 months on average and after which the same headhunter will be moving to another company. Well I will not touch base on why they moved to another company as this is not the topic I want to talk about hence I will touch on what are the key factors you need to be successful to become a great headhunter. Our definition of successful headhunter is : Ability to close at least 2-3 high level position every month continuously for at least 12 months.

1) Understanding the market – Whether you are a local or foreigner doing headhunting in Singapore, you MUST know the culture, the industry, the pricing and the sentiment of being a headhunter. Read plenty of magazines, go to trade shows and exhibitions. Research who are the competitors, the different types of sector within the industry you want to focus on and not forgetting the “Lingo” the people use. Failure to make preparation will show to your clients and candidates that you are an absolute novice in the industry.

2) A fairly older age – This is debatable and many will argued about it, but you see, if you are a 25 years old chap and you are expecting to work on a headhunting assignment to look for a Managing Director, the fact that the potential Managing Director will not even entertain you at all. Please do not argue that you have some years of experience, yes you may have but the fact is that it usually does not happen that way. As a general guide, put 10-12 years on top of your age on the type of position you want to do. If you are 35 years old, you can work on position that are about 47 years old.

3) A good company brand  – If you join a new company, your chances of surviving will not be high unless the company has a realistic understanding that they will not make profit in the next 12 months and you will be given ample time to perform. However, most new headhunting company will give you only 3-6 months to perform, sometime even shorter,,,If the company is not putting any budget on their branding, you will not be successful.

4) Your own branding – Make an effort to create your own website using your own name such as mine which is at www.dougleschan.com, put your face, put all your social network, write about things within that industry and show to the public you are the expert, after some time, you will start to have your own personal fame and branding and you will start get more clients and secure more deals.

5) Good office address: If the company is not located in prime area, you will be judge below par at the first impression, new clients will not give you the business. Period.

6) Excellent communication skills: I stressed to all the students when I was teaching them that communication skills is number one. Without that, you will not be able to get new clients and candidates. What I have done is that I rehearse them with VIDEOS and spot their weakness and work on their strong point, from there, going through at least 20-30 rounds, they will be able to see a great difference compared to the first time they had done the presentation.

7) A never say die attitude – Headhunting is TOUGH, I repeat that, it is VERY TOUGH, many people will fail and only the tough one will survive, after they survived, they will start to gain momentum and eventually become a great headhunter. Hence, no matter what happen, never gives up and let go. Sometime success is just a few inch away.


1)      Create your brand

Get a logo, get a color theme, and ensure that whatever you do uses the same logo and color theme everywhere. A professional designer is the best choice for creating your professional logo. Yes, you can use someone who may not be a professional, but many times, what you get is not so professional, and the problem is that you may not even realize it because you will not have the knowledge to make that judgment. Don’t save that few bucks and ruin your brand….it pays to get a good designer—trust me on that!

2)      Let as many people as possible know about your product

You have a great product or service, but if there is nobody to spread your message, then your product and service will not be sold, right? Tell your suppliers, friends, relatives, parents, ex-classmates, etc. Apple used distributors to sell their iPad and iPhones; they also use Internet and television to create instant branding and awareness. Don’t just use ONE channel, use proven multiple channels that are available. Regardless of whether it is paid advertising or free advertising, any quality advertising is good branding and awareness. You will need to start from somewhere…even if it is small.


3)      Build the trust level

If you are not the brand APPLE, then you will have a tough time creating a level of trust. You can create a trust level using the following methods:

a)      Ensure you are present in the important social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.

b)      Ensure you have a great website, professionally designed.

c)       Ensure you have a customer service hotline where people can call you. If you opt for an online chat customer service, that is also acceptable. However, a live human is always appreciated.

d)      Your business name and address must be shown on your contact page.

4) The Strong Reason to BUY

You cannot expect people to go to your website and just click the BUY button or to just call you and give you their business. That does not work in real life,. It may have worked 10 years ago, but now you cannot just put a product and service there and expect people to buy it. There must be at least one benefit to buying from you, and the trust level has to be there, regardless of whether you are selling a $10 item or a high-ticket item. There must be a real reason to buy, plus the trust. If there isn’t any strong reason to buy, create one! If the trust level is not there, create it!


Create a Niche recruitment agency

recruitment business is very competitive in Singapore and many other countries. Many business players are apparently very “specialised” in EVERY industry and EVERY function, and they will take on whatever business is presented to them.

Many times, the manpower consultants will have very few clients, and as such, do not have the privilege to “choose” who they want to service. Of course, with very few clients, they do not have the facilities to find a Niche in their business.

If you are not able find a niche in the manpower business, you will be like one of the over 200,000 recruitment agents out there in Singapore; and when that happens, the client can SPAM the job order to as many agents as possible to get their own quota fulfilled. This is what we call Market Tumour.

What are the advantages when you have a certain niche in the market, in terms of function or industry?

1)      You will position yourself out of the normal agents out there, hence reducing the chance of clients SPAMMING their job orders to many agencies.

2)      You will make yourself look more specialised and professional and will receive more respect and attention from the clients.

3)      You will have synergy effect because the candidates you will have contacted may possibly match two or more clients if you have a fair number of job orders.

4)      The clients that you contact may become your candidates when they are looking out for more opportunities.

5)      The candidates may become your clients within the same industry too.

6)      There will be less competition from the manpower industry because when you niche yourself, it will require more effort and focus. Not many agents are willing to go to the extra effort, though.

7)      The clients will tend not to press your price lower if there are not as many vendors available.

8)      Generally, you will be able to charge more in fees if you are in a specialised industry that not many people are doing.

There are tons of benefits and advantages when you are specialised and have a certain niche. Remember that specialisation means that you focus on ONE area only; if you want to specialise in legal and oil and gas, that is not a niche. Specialization means you only choose ONE and not TWO….

Last thing to take note, being specialised is great, but you must really go all the way to do your part and do your best to get that way. A specialised agent who is just around average is the same as any other agent who is not specialised. The key is to become extremely good in your specialised field, so that you will become better than those around average level within the same industry.




Apparently many recruitment consultants in the market are facing the impression that they are lousy consultants in such a way that many candidates are very unwilling to find a job via a recruitment consultant. Well, to be very fair, not all consultants are lousy; there are many good ones out there. There are even great ones out there….

Let’s look at how normal, or “not so good,” consultants can position themselves to be GOOD recruitment consultants:

Here goes….

1) Try to respond to every CV/resume that you receive. Even an auto-response is appreciated. Candidates will not want to send their CV to you if there is zero response.

2) Only ask them for an interview when you have a job that is a really good fit. If you are a consultant and ask the candidates for an interview, but if you give them the impression that you have nothing on hand, it will be a total waste of time for them. Usually, candidates do not like consultants who do this.

3) Give more professional advice to them in their resume writing, interview skills, and how they ought to dress. If you show them sincerity, they will appreciate it.

4) Follow up with them if possible, once you receive their CV. Give them a ring or drop them a short note via email; it is a good start in this professional relationship.

5) If you have arranged the interview, and the client does not feel good about it, it is always best to advise them about the situation, even if it is bad news—it is still news. If you were to keep quiet about it, the candidate will feel even worse.

6) Advise them on the actual job duties in as much detail as possible. If you are unsure, please make an effort to find out from the client. If you were to talk “rubbish” and bluff your way through, you will lose this candidate forever and your name will be ruined in the market.

7) Never sell the job for the sake of closing the case. I do really understand that there are always KPI and targets to hit, but things will get even worse if you were to sell the job and then things did not work out well for that candidate and the company. If that were to happen, not only will you not hit the KPI, your manager or your boss will grill you upside down!

8) Be honest, be real, and be what you are. Pretending and acting will not get you too far….



To generate more business for your recruitment company, you will need to follow the steps:

Have a powerful website – When you meet someone, most of the time, you will judge how he dresses and how well he communicates. It is the same way online—you need to dress well on your website, which means your website must be quality work done by a professional designer. Do not just DIY and save money; an expert will usually create something better than you can—and you WILL be judged by your website. The content of the website must be great; don’t just copy and paste from another website. The reader will know, if they are smart enough. In short, make an effort to put aside some funds for your website. It will be worthwhile.

Have a corporate email address– Do not use the free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. If you have corporate business, you need to project a corporate image. Having a FREE email account will never give a great impression. This is a very basic requirement, and it is quite surprising that there are still many people using a FREE email account for their corporate business.

Use technology to the maximum – In this Internet era, if you are still using fax machines, (I assume you are NOT!) please throw them away and move yourself to a different generation. In this era, we are using email marketing, harvesting software, SEO, SEM, SMO, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc. You see, it’s all about technology, and with technology, it is like having 20-50 full time people working for you at once….It is simply amazing—you just need to know how and what to use.

Bullhornreach.com – This is an interesting website that focuses on recruiting. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it is still not as popular, but it is being used by many people worldwide. If you are going to recruit people from overseas, this can be something worth looking into.

Email Marketing – An old horse that is still running very strong. Many people may know email marketing, but very few do it effectively. With over 20 years of experience with email marketing, all I can say is that if you are really good in this, you can make a HUGE fortune in it, because with this, you have the ability to reach a potentially UNLIMITED number of people in just a single click. With that, you can find almost anyone if you are recruiting in any industry, as long as you have the right database.

Personal & Business Networking

Do not underestimate the power of business networking. If you are doing your job exceptionally well, your friends and network will automatically pull their friends to you without you even asking for it. I have come to a stage where almost 30 people from the same company sent me their resume at the same time because I managed to find a great job for their colleague within one week at a salary above her expectation. That’s how powerful networking is!

4) Engage in social media – You will need to be visible to the public. This is part of branding and marketing. The cost is very cheap, and it will have a positive effect on your business. Some of the social media platforms you can engage in are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more…if you are still not into this, make an effort to do so….

Using a Facebook Fan Page to Recruit Candidates

Facebook – This is quite similar to LinkedIn, but LinkedIn is perceived to be more professional and on a higher lever. You can also start to connect with many friends on Facebook and let them know what positions you are looking to fill so that they can drop you a resume.

Believe it or not, there are dos and don’ts about what should be the content of a Facebook fan page. And we can see many examples that prove to us this is true.

The knowledge of these strategies is not only informal. Since 2010, Social Media Examiner has organized the “Facebook Success Summit” to help marketers learn to discover how to attract customers as well as build a loyal fan club and also make money with the help of Facebook. Another interesting fact about this summit is that it is a fully online conference! They also organize various other conferences and summits to broaden the industry knowledge of how to effectively market using social media.

The surprising, and at the same time disheartening, fact is that companies want to market and sell and look all big using this humongous network of over 500 million users. But not many of them are exploring the option of recruiting through this channel. ‘Engagement,’ they claim, is the primary motive behind a Facebook brand/fan page. But we do not see them engaging in it very well. Posting offers on their products and convincing people to buy it is only superficial involvement. Sharing something about how their company works, allowing users to ask questions, and making their employees answer those questions will not only enhance the brand loyalty but also make the customers want to work with the company. A simple announcement about a job opening on the company Facebook page will spread the word quicker than any other medium and will also mean a lot to the customers/potential-employees.

A job tab on the Facebook page is a very simple function to handle. On the technical end, we are quite set! There are many individual as well as institutional app developers ready to customize a job-tab for you. And the best part is: it does not even cost you big bucks! They charge minimal amounts based on the number of postings per specific time period that might be required. If you wish, you can avail of an unlimited pack. Whether you have a separate formalized ‘careers’ page on the company website or you don’t, a job-tab on the Facebook page is an idea worth exploring.

In the recent past, there has been a sudden upsurge in the number of applications developed for this purpose. Recently, a made-in-Canada job-tab was launched. To go with it, Syndicruit introduced their Facebook job-tab using this; you can customize your own tab, and use it to put job openings directly onto your Facebook Fan page! Extremely easy to use, companies can make use of this facility and maintain the tab without investing too much human resources into it.

In this discussion, we can certainly not miss Jobvite! One of the major players in the online recruiting industry, when they launched a special LinkedIn and Facebook interface for recruiting back in 2009, it created a buzz. It was considered to be one of the highest quality platforms offered.

One thing is for sure, we are dealing with the social media after all. The speed of dispersion of information is tremendous over here, irrespective of the authenticity of it! Companies need to tackle this issue very carefully along with keeping up with the quality and customization that will be offered by their competitors.

Using Twitter Generate Candidates & Clients

Twitter – Although it is one of the very popular micro-blogging platforms, it is quite amazing that many people in Singapore still do not know what is it about. Some of them know, but are not using it to its maximum potential. There is gold everywhere in this!  Look into it; harvest it, and you will be able to find it!

Twitter is one of the social media websites that gives opportunity to the recruiter to reach out to a vast talent that is extremely active. Mastering the art of recruiting through twitter is indeed an art and it takes some time to get the expected returns. Given below are five steps with the help of which the following on twitter increases and also makes sure that the tweets are getting re-tweeted by all the followers in their network as well.

Tweet should be short: It is extremely important that the tweets are short and are filled with the necessary hashtags. For example if the job opening is for an IT developer in Singapore than the tweet can be phrased as “Calling #IT nerds – developer role in #singapore, great benefits: <insert shortened link>.”

Tweets should be easy: Once people click on the link it should be easy for them to look at the job description rather than them digging further to get the details.

Proper research should be done: It is very important to do complete research with the help of the search function. This helps in identifying who the influences are in a specific profession. One should definitely watch out for the hashtags that are used for a specific industry.

Results to be monitored: It is very important to see who is responding to the tweets. It also helps to keep track of a specific time or a day when the response rate is high. This information can be used to make the tweet even more interesting and therefore get more traction. Google Analytics also helps in finding out if the tweet is generating traffic to the company website. In case it is noticed that though the number of followers for the tweet is increasing but not the traffic on the website, it helps to change the strategy so that the website also gets some traffic.

Continue being active: Recruiters using twitter are advised to use WeFollow’s list which is a list of influential recruiters. This helps them know some of the best recruiters who use twitter to get good employees. One can notice that not all companies that want to recruit start of saying they want people rather they start a general conversation that gets them many followers and then come to the point of recruitment.

Third Party tools: Search can be made even more productive by making use of third-party tools like TweetBeeps. This tool helps in giving alerts which are relevant to the search when a candidate is looking for a particular job.

One can also check how influential they are by checking their score on Klout Score. This score can be used to benchmark themselves against the others. Another major benefit the recruiters get from twitter is that there is absolutely no time constraint for tweeting with the potential candidate. The candidates can respond as they wish or if they are not interested in the position they are even free to share it with others they think would fit for the current opening.

Using SEO to Generate Candidates & Clients

Engage in Search Engine Optimization – Do ensure your website is optimized. You see, a website without relevant traffic is like opening a shop without any customers. Your presence in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others will bring many visitors to your website. On my website http://www.dougleschan.com, which is branded as The Recruitment Guru, I have over 53.24% of my visitors coming directly from search engine itself. This is just a snap shot of how search engines can really bring your business to another level. However, be very cautious—if you are new to search engines, I would suggest that you read plenty of books in this area. If you are not careful, you can be seriously burned in this business when you are not totally familiar with it.

It is the wish for every company that owns a website to be ranked at the top in the world’s most popular search engine—Google. But one would soon realize that this is not an easy task to achieve, and it takes a lot of effort to get to the top. The popular ones are those that are most trusted by the consumer.

There are several factors involved in getting a website ranked high in Google. Let us now look at 20 of them:

  • Listing the website in a directory is one way that helps to increase the ranking in Google. One needs to list in a minimum of 15 directories, and only then will this help in increasing the ranking.
  • Back links also help in increasing the ranking. Commenting on a competitor’s website, blogs, etc. is the way to create back links.
  • Inviting guest bloggers is another way that helps increase the ranking. This way, not just the website, but also the writer mutually benefits from the blogs.
  • The loading speed of the website also determines the ranking of the website. The faster it loads, the better the search engine will be able to catch it while it crawls.
  • Google will never rank websites containing explicit terms at the top. It has a policy and will not allow such websites to be browsed by the kids. So, even if the use of such terms were unintentional, the ranking of the website is bound to fall.
  • The older the domain, the better are the chances for getting ranked on the top. So, while selecting the domain, one must not go in for a new one or one that started a few years ago.
  • Some websites are called special sites. For example .edu websites and .gov websites are considered as special. If one can get back links from these websites, it helps immensely to increase the ranking of the website.
  • With the increase in popularity and use of the social media websites, one can get back links from them as well. This also helps as these social media websites are already ranked in Google, thereby increasing the ranking of the company’s website as well.
  • Rich content is very important for a higher ranking in Google. Content should follow SEO guidelines, but it should not spam. Keywords should not be used unnecessarily in order to increase the ranking.
  • Meta tags and keywords also help in increasing the ranking, but before using the internal linking technique, one must learn how to use and create anchor links. Only then will it be helpful.
  • When giving the website link on external websites, it is better to check if they are legal, and if not, it would be more harmful than good.
  • Another method is to use the No-Follow attribute. This should be used very sparingly, or else Google will take harsh action by never considering you for ranking.
  • One can increase their activity in the web world immensely by writing blogs and other articles in your area of specialization. This helps Google to see that you are indeed genuine and increases the ranking.
  • It is extremely important to have a check on what your activities are, especially when you are signed in Gmail. If it is seen that you are visiting adult websites when you are logged in Gmail you may be penalized on your website.
  • A dedicated IP address also helps in increasing the ranking of the website.
  • While SEO use of primary and secondary keywords is important, determine the relevant keyword for your business and then use it.
  • Articles written should be submitted only to the best websites. Only then will there be any activity on your website. The more the brand is genuinely marketed, the better will be the rankings in Google.
  • Activity should always be related to the business. If it is seen that you are drifting away, it will affect the ranking.
  • Only use the white hat method for building links. All search engines have a few guidelines that should be followed and applied at all times. In case you default, you will be penalized and the website ranking will fall.
  • Finally, the most important thing is never to buy links. This in no way helps to increase the ratings and is just a waste of money.

Rapport Building with Clients

Generating more clients for recruitment agency for some people are very tough. In fact, every single day,  I am being bombarded with many agencies owners and recruitment consultants all over the world from Australia, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, India, Middle East and many others seeking help on how to generate clients for them effectively.

Today, will like to share some valuable tips on rapport building to generate more recruitment agency clients.

Rapport building is a process where your create similarities with the other party you are talking or meeting them in order to gain trust and confidence and with that it could lead to many positive events that could happen and one possible outcome is that the potential prospects will become your long team client, some people use this rapport building technique so well that they are able to convert almost anyone to become their good friend without the other party figuring out why.

Rapport building is in fact extremely powerful and lethal, using it well at the right time and environment will create many wonders for you and your offerings.

Let me give you an example on how to generate clients using rapport building skill.

When I reached a clients office and introduced myself as the representative of company “ABC”. I gave him the firm hand-shake to showcase my extreme confidence.

I noticed the manager is holding a mobile phone – Samsung Tab 2, I recalled how I also had the same model and at that very instant, I started to highlight about his Samsung Tab 2 and also mentioned about the DISADVANTAGES, I intentional did not mention about the advantages because usually people are more lean towards gossiping about the negative side rather than positive side.

As we were discussing about the negative aspects of the tablet, I notice he was very keen in the topic and I continue to gossip further about the tablet. Within a few minutes I had aligned to the “direction” I was looking for, to be in “TUNED” with me…after talking about the tablet, I began to switch to another topic about how neat and comfy his office is and I can see that this actually boost his ego about the company and that is what I wanted.

Although it is not a must to polish the boots of the other person, it is always good to give sincere compliment to them or things related to them. Some nice and sincere words will usually help.

After I aligned his thinking, gaining his trust and boosting his ego a little bit, I start to discuss about the main topic and he explained to me how difficult how his company is not able to find good staff for the company. With that I also start to related real stories about his industry that are also having this problem and from there I showcased on how I managed to solve the client problem within a short time.

This actually is called “Stealth Selling” where you are selling your product and services without actually going through the hard selling process.

With the real example of the previous client problem solved, I am able to build a strong confidence and let him know that I have the ability to help him and solve his problem and within the next 30 minutes, he shows me the positions he needed to be filled and the job order was given to me exclusively.

After which the order was fulfilled within a short span of time where it build further confidence and trust. With that the client became a loyal client for a very long period of time.

Rapport building is actually a skill and cannot be learn via through reading, you will need to be on the ground to test, evaluate and see how it will help you. You will need to go through plenty of rounds of failure before you actually start to see some lights and answers, it takes times and sometime it can be quite long. However, you need to be persistent and learn from every mistake or error that you had made. Never stop learning and use rapport building extensively because it will help you in almost anything that you do.

Using Linkedin to Generate New Clients 

LinkedIn – If you have yet to use LinkedIn, establish an account with them at www.linkedin.com and set up your profile. Ensure your profile is done professionally with most of the information for the public to see. Connect with a few friends and start to explore who are the people you want to connect with. Most LinkedIn profiles are real and most people will respond to you when you approach them professionally. If you are a recruiter or headhunter, do identify yourself as one because the other party would like to know who you are before they respond to you.

The world of social media has taken this world by storm. Be it for the entertainment purpose, for the marketing campaigns or for simply finding talented people all around the globe, social media is there to help us out. Just like all the other popular and useful social media networks that we find today, LinkedIn is yet another social networking site that  is used by pretty much all the entrepreneurs for finding top talent all over the world as it is specially designed and developed to be used by professionals for the management of their various important online tasks.

This means that without exaggerating, you can safely say that LinkedIn has successfully evolved itself into one of the largest online business networking platforms. Having over 50 million active users worldwide, it can be used powerfully in many ways for the effective management and running of your business/company.

But amongst all the useful ways through which you can use it for your business, one of the key ways is to use it for recruiting the much needed talent that you require for your company. Rather than going through various job posting websites, today you can recruit the top talent as easily as a flip of coin with the help of it. But for doing so, you need to be well aware of all its features in order to utilize it to its fullest capacity.

For this purpose you need to ask yourself a couple of questions such as whether you are utilizing linked in to its full potential or if your application tracking system is synchronized and integrated with your linked in account or not? If you are unclear about the answers to both these questions, given below are some guides that are surely going to work your way out, so as to be to help you in recruiting the best candidates for your company.

A Complete and Thorough Company’s Profile is a Key to your Success

Your company’s profile is your way of representing it online. One of the basic things that you need to include in your profile for increasing its exposure on linked in is to fill in all the important and simple details such as your company’s full name, an appropriate picture, date of establishment, number of employees that are currently working, your mission statement and so on. Don’t forget to write in your contact details such as your website’s URL, your email address or simply your helpline number. Along with all these details you also have make sure that you are using all the appropriate keywords so as to get the required number of hits when being searched for in all the major search engines.

Scan Candidate’s Profiles but with Care

Although you can use linked in for searching the profiles of all the potential candidates that have got the required skill in the niche you are looking for, using your account as merely an HR tool can give birth to a lot of legal issues, which is why its recommended for you to search and scan the candidate’s authenticity through the assistance of companies that are exclusively meant to do it. In doing so you would not be only able to avoid all the legal issues but would also be able to go through some of the hottest talent prospects to recruit in your company. Besides, you can also search for any candidate with the help of his/her common friends and communities.

Scanning through Targeted Groups can also be an Option

Limiting your search to a certain groups is a wise thing to do as searching amongst 45 million active users to get to know a potential candidate would surely consume a lot of your time and effort. For this purpose, you not only need to target your search towards specific groups but also have to extract the required information with the help of complicated but useful keyword based queries. You can also enter in your location to get the best results, but even if by trying all the possibilities you are unable to get the required results, then you can always try using the ever so popular Boolean logic to find out some of the most amazing talented minds that are waiting to be discovered just by you.

Keeping Everything Up to Date

Regular updating everything including your company’s profile as well as latest job openings is a key for increased exposure towards your profile. You can update about a certain job in all the groups that you are a part of, as in doing so you are sending your message across 3 million professionals online, even if you have got just 150 connections in your LinkedIn account and that too without any cost.

Work Hard for your Brand Image

Try to create a brand image for your company amongst all the active as well as passive audience by synchronizing it with all your social accounts as well as company’s blogs and website. You can regularly list the special events on your LinkedIn profile as well as do some free PR for your organization alongside handling of recruitment related details. With the help of listing special events and your work culture on your LinkedIn profile, you would make your company to appear as an appealing organization to work at in the eyes of the employees, thus helping your cause without having to label yourself as a “needy recruiter”.


Choosing to recruit with LinkedIn is surely one of the best ways through which you can find the quality talent that can bring in much needed thought, leadership and strategy to your organization. So for every recruiter who is in need of a quality resource(s), LinkedIn is the place that you must get yourself into without any delay!

Personal Branding for Recruitment Consultants

About 95% of the recruitment agencies all over the world are only keen on branding their company or firm instead of branding the recruiters itself, the main reason is that most of the recruiters will probably move to another firm when their time are up and with this mindset, it is very unlikely that the company will assist to brand the recruiters themselves.

However, from the direction of a GREAT recruiter, it is very important to let your clients and candidates know WHO you are, WHAT you are and WHAT you are GOOD in doing, that is call positioning. You will position yourself in such a way that the clients and the candidates will NOT perceived you to be another one of the same same recruiter out there….

If you are perceived to be another one of those, you will be treated like one of those, what will happen in the end is that most likely you will lose the job and move on to another industry.

My point is this – Do not be another SAME SAME recruiter out there…BE DIFFERENT and be BOLD.

Hence, you need to position yourself out of the rest of them; you will need to really brand yourself. Even though your current company may not have the facilities to allow you to do so, there are so many platforms available in the internet that allows you to start to make some names for yourself.

Here are some steps you can do to BRAND yourself.

1)      Create a blog under wordpress and buy a domain under your own name, such as the one I had at www.dougleschan.com. Don’t worry about whether it is branded now as it is not the key point, you will have to start now, not later as branding takes time.

2)      Choose an identity – that is to say that how you want people to perceive you to be, a specialised recruiter in Oil and Gas, A recruiter in construction or something else, you will need to be focusing on one area or job function so that you will be able to use the synergy effect in the long run to close more sales.

3)      Choose a tag-line on how people what to name you, the name “Recruiter in Construction” is not a great tag line but twisting and turning the sentence may change for a better, such as “Massive Construction Recruiter” or even “Oiled Recruiter” you see, the point is that it should be something interesting and memorable, not just another SAME SAME tagline. Another example which you can refer to is my brand at The Recruitment Guru, it instantly gives people the idea that I am the guru in recruitment. Period. Simple and sweet. Nothing to brag about and lets move on to part 4.

4)      Get plenty of testimonials from your clients and candidates, put their pictures and contacts when possible, it will add a lot of weight.

5)      Put plenty of group photos in your blog, your blog readers love to see YOU in person, any group photo will help to build trust and reliability. Trust equates to branding.

6)      Write articles and information related to your industry, write about 2-5 times per week if possible, anything less than 1 time per week will meant that you will have plenty of “lost” visitors, when you write information and articles related to your industry, you will indirect show and tell people that you are the authority of that particular field.

7)      Create visitors, of course with a great blog and fantastic articles, you will need visitors, get into email marketing, create accounts in your social media such as Google +, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and any other platform you think you preferred. Add as many real friends as possible and push them to your website. Very soon, you will have over thousands and thousands of visitors visiting your website EVERYDAY like what I have done in my blog. With thousands of visitors visiting you EVERYDAY, do you think you will have plenty of business and sales? You BET!

8)      Give it time….Well, branding takes time and you will need to consistently put in a lot of effort to push your brand up.

9)      Enjoy the process, if you are doing the whole branding process and you are not enjoying it, I may suggest you do something that you like to do and get someone who is able to help you do the work for you.

Strategies – Pay-Per-Click – PPC

Many recruitment agencies, who are at a loss of what to do to ensure that their agencies stay afloat, are searching online for marketing methods and strategies to create more sales and business.

Many times, they will be bombarded with advertisements and articles on pay-per-click advertisements and some of them who are not very sure about this type of advertisement platform yet will venture into it, hoping for some magic to happen. Sad to say, most of them are not finding great or any returns in their investments in the pay-per-click advertisement platform.

The current most popular pay-per-click advertisement platforms are:

1)      Google Adwords

2)      Facebook  Advertising

3)      LinkedIn Ads

4)      Yahoo! Search Marketing (Also known as Overture, formerly under GoTo.com before acquired by Yahoo)

There are still a few other players coming up, but the above are the more popular and acceptable in the market. Overall, regardless of which platform you will be using, the concept is about the same, that is – You will only pay based on the number of clicks, regardless of whether the user is potentially a genuine customer or not. That means you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

You will have to bid for the top spot, usually by the price you are willing to pay. Some platforms, such as Google Adword will also be based on your “quality score” to determine your advertisement placement position and the cost per click.

Determine The Objectives of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Generating Sales

Many times, the advertiser has the belief and impression that by placing the advertisement in the pay-per-click media, they will be able to bring the visitors to their website and convert them into a sales. With this mindset, it is sad to say that most advertisers who are expecting good returns will be in for a big surprise.

In general, most of the advertisers who are looking to generate good sales will not have a great ROI because the cost and the sales generated are usually not good. As such, many advertisers will face a situation where, after placing the advertisement for a while, they will conclude that PPC (pay-per-click) is not a great platform to generate sales.

Marketing and Branding

If you notice that many players in the PPC are actually BIG players, and they are constantly putting their brand name and advertisements in PPC, their agenda usually is to create the awareness to the public so that people will continue to recognize their brand for a long time. The big players know that by constantly exposing their ads and brands in the Internet PPC campaign, they will be able to secure a firm market share in the long term. Hence, even with a huge budget for the PPC campaign, and with almost negative returns, they are very willing to do so because their agenda is very different.

Whether PPC (pay-per-click) can really help recruitment agencies will really be determined by the objectives of the agencies. If they are seeking quick sales in the short term, many will be pretty disappointed, but if they were to use it from an awareness and branding prospective, then the rewards will be better in the long term.

In summary, PPC (pay-per-click) can be great for sales, only when you know what you are doing. It is also a great avenue to branding and positioning your recruitment agency as more exposure means more people recognize you as a brand. (Provided you have a great brand to be remembered)

In the game of PPC (pay-per-click), do ensure you know the rules of the game, as failure to understand them will lead to a waste of advertisement cost and also a low click-through ratio.

Good luck on your PPC (pay-per-click) campaign!

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