Create a Data Recovery Disk

With the latest computers, you have the option of creating a data recovery disk. This is an important disk, since this will enable you to recreate the original Operating System and whatever was in your computer in the event that you run into a problem. It is possible to get at the information that is copied onto a hidden partition in your computer. This information was put there for the owner to have a copy of the Operating System.

All you need to do is use the Recovery CD-DVD software and you will have your PC back to normal working order. With a blank DVD-R or CD-R, you’ll be able to have a complete record of the complete original Operating System, any application software, and the drivers that came with your PC. The only thing is, you cannot create a back-up of this CD. It’s the Operating System in its entirety so the Creator Program will just make one copy for you. It’s exactly what you would have if you order them from the company.

All you need to do first is download the free software that allows you to make that kind of disk. When you turn on the computer, go to Start and select All Programs. Search for Recovery CD Creator. Or check on Help and Support if you already have the means to create your CD. Now you’re ready to start the program. On the welcome screen that pops up, you simply need to click on the “Continue” button to start making your back up CD. You may need to use several disks to complete the entire Operating System if you’re not using a DVD-R. Be sure to label each disk clearly, if there are multiple disks, so you won’t mix up one disk with another.

To ensure that you can use the disks, verify them after each burn. It’s best if you check the content files to see if everything is complete. Keep these disks safe, because this will be the only copy that you’ll be allowed to have. If anything happens to them, then you will have to buy a replacement from the company.

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